• Self-advising
  • Seeking wrong advice
  • Investing without understanding financial products
  • Lack of awareness

These are the pitfalls that guarantee losses while it comes to investments. Financial Markets is not rocket science and, with simplicity following a clearly-defined approach, the nuances and dynamics of investing can be learnt.

Secrets of Wealth Creation & Investor Education

A CSR Initiative by School of Financial Market

School of Financial Markets proudly presents a 2-hour exclusive session on…

  • Financial Planning
  • Stock Market is not Rocket Science
  • Five Successful Investing Strategies
  • Informed Investing to simplify stock markets

Financial literacy is the need of the hour and encompasses the education and understanding of critical areas of finance focusing on the ability to successfully manage money and to make informed investment decisions. It’s a state of financial freedom that empowers individuals to make appropriate decisions about personal finance including increasing revenue, managing the expenses, tax planning and also planning for retirement.

The Initiative

SFM steps in to bridge the financial gap prevailing in the corporate sector with a 1.5 to 2-hour session covering the what and why of wealth creation. The exclusive speech will cover the basics of stock investing and charting a successful portfolio. The dynamic session takes corporates on an engaging journey enabling them to strike that perfect balance between financial freedom and professional satisfaction.

The free seminar will bring about a profound level of transformation among corporate individuals, irrespective of tenure served or position held.

Session Highlights

  • Money Management
  • Smart Investments
  • Future Proofing your Retirement
  • Goal-based Saving Options
  • Knowledge about financial assets
  • Understanding why fixed deposit interest rates are falling
  • Understanding and managing inflation
  • Managing risks
  • How to invest in small amounts
  • Q & A Session

Benefits to corporates and individuals

  • Make better financial decisions
  • Motivates employees to give their best
  • Gain knowledge of tax saving options
  • Encourages employee retention and loyalty
  • Enhances the company’s culture and brand perception
  • Increases productivity with clear-cut goals
  • Fewer leaves are taken due to financial confidence against financial insecurity/debt

One-Day Workshop on Stock Market - Real-Time Learning for Lifetime Earning

Duration- 1 Day

You think stock markets are complicated. We make it simple for you. This workshop intends to eliminate and puts to death the wrong perceptions people have in relation to the stock market industry. Participants will learn simple and highly effective methods of investing in stocks, mutual funds and other securities following a common sense approach. The workshop has live activities and experiential exposure on par with current trends and industry-best practices.

Program Agenda

  • A simplified approach to trading and investing
  • Proven investing techniques in stocks
  • Clear-cut trading techniques in stocks

One-Day Workshop on
Mutual Funds and Financial Planning

Duration- 1 Day

Take active participation in the extensive 1-day training program on mutual funds. This program encourages participants to empower themselves with the requisite knowledge and the latest tools & techniques essential to determine the right scheme to invest in. The session also covers the importance of financial planning centred around insurance and tax planning. It throws light on effective financial planning methods enabling a financially independent retired life.

Program Agenda

  • Concepts of mutual funds
  • New categories of mutual fund schemes
  • NAV concept
  • Types of MF plans
  • Analysis of fact sheet

Ms Finance - Financial Empowerment for Women

Duration- 1 Day

Ms Finance is an initiative planned and conceived by the renowned School of Financial Market. The 1-day workshop curated specifically for women concentrates on the art of stock market investing. It’s a sincere effort stressing on the fact that women empowerment and financial independence go hand in hand. The program brings forth the hidden secrets of stock market investing and busts the myths surrounding the same. Ms Finance imparts clear-cut techniques and methodologies and also provides insights on investment with mutual funds training.

Women gain the knowledge and expertise to increase earnings using the available time resourcefully. It’s a clearly-defined path inspiring financial literacy of women making way for an able economy.

Program Agenda

  • Understanding risks & the importance of investments
  • How to start your investing journey
  • Types of investments
  • Understanding financial products
  • Mutual funds