Master Trader Program

Plan your Trade and Trade the Plan

Advance Technical/Data Analysis/Advance Derivatives

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The conventional methods of trading which majority of the crowd follows lose the edge and this course has unconventional approach to the market with 5 dimensions. Each of these dimensions reinforces the market conviction and helps us pick high probability setups for trading.

The focus of this program will be to analyze the trends, strength of the trends, trend reversals, entry, exits and risk management.

Program Highlights
  • Analyzing markets through Price, Volume, Momentum, Volatility and Time
  • Momentum Indicator to Analyze Trends , trend strength Entries and Exits
  • How momentum precedes the price and how they help to analyze market reversals
  • 5 star setups for Positional trading using Momentum indicators
  • Volatility divergence to call market tops and bottoms
  • 5 Star set up of volatility Bands
  • Smart money creating a trap for retailers and how to escape the same
  • How to trace the smart money activity using their positioning in cash, futures or options market?
  • Data doesn't Lie and how to do the data analysis of smart money positioning themselves in cash/futures/options market.
  • Risk defined ( Hedged) futures and options directional strategies
  • Non Directional strategies for Events and time decay
  • Option sensitivity discussion – Greeks
Learning Outcomes
  • Identify Trend direction
  • Trend reversals
  • Discover the phase of the market that currently exists
  • Identify best entries and exits
  • Collect and maintain the data on the excel spreadsheet
  • Read the futures, cash and options data backed with technical analysis to arrive at high
  • probability directional trades
  • Plan trades for events like quarterly results, elections, budget
  • Greeks and how they affect your profit/loss
  • How to plan trades for Greeks like Vega and theta.
  • Best trade setups based on technical analysis and data.
  • Hedging your speculative bets during adverse scenarios
  • Buying insurance to your portfolio during big events
  • Planning your trade and trading your plan
  • Journaling your trades and periodic reviewing to access your strengths and weakness
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