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Master Trader Program – Orientation
05:00pm to 06:00pm - July 3, 2021

Learning Outcome:

• You will be able to identify Trend direction
• Strength of the Trend
• Trend reversals
• The phase of the market that currently exists
• Identify best entries and exits
• Collect and maintain the data on the excel spreadsheet
• Read the futures, cash and options data backed with technical to arrive at high probability directional trades
• Plan trades for events like quarterly results, elections, budget.
• Greeks and how they affect your profit/loss
• How to plan trades for Greeks like Vega and theta.
• Best trade setups based on technical and data.
• Hedging your speculative bets during adverse scenarios
• Buying insurance to your portfolio during big events
• Planning your trade and trading your plan
• Journaling your trades and periodic reviewing to access your strengths and weakness.

Market Expert

Bharath Kumar

Experience: Overall & industry experience 14 years, Teaching for 6 years

Subject Expertise: Technical Analysis and analysis of Futures and Options data, Risk Management
and Hedging using Options. Directional and Non-directional play using Options.

Other Credentials: 10 years of trading in Indian & international markets in equities, commodities & currencies, full time trader in Indian derivatives segment for the last 3 years, trained hundreds of traders and personally mentored many during the last 5 years

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