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Our students bring a fresh spectrum of energy and enthusiasm to your workplace. We can present you the ideal talent that meets your requirement to make a difference to your organization’s future.

We monitor all the finer details of our placements where you can focus on maximising the benefits of our students' expertise. Employers regard our candidates to be capable, highly motivated and globally aware.

We request you to share specific vacancies by presenting your business at our campus and connect with the right talent in person.

To discover more about placements and derive maximum advantage, please get in touch. Alternatively, you can also fill up the application form below.

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Partnering with Corporates

We stay close to and connect with the industry and the community we reside in to make an invaluable difference in the economic front.

Master the latest financial techniques, tools and strategies with our range of executive courses designed for finance and non-finance professionals.

With a global curriculum, we give insight and the edge to navigate the fast-changing landscape.

Business Engagement

We also enable businesses to reach their optimum potential with a series of meticulously-devised strategies and corresponding activities designed to provide clear-cut solutions. These initiatives address the needs of the workforce and help build relationships that ensure economic development.

We curate exclusive programs and events for human resource professionals, professors, doctors and lawyers. The aim is to bring individuals from diverse backgrounds under a close-knit network to spread financial awareness. For further details, fill the form.

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