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Expert in Capital Market Applied Practices

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The purpose of education is not to get a Certificate or qualification; instead it should lead to wholesome knowledge that in turn leads to employability. Traditional classroom learning has limitations which restrict students from being confident of securing a desired job or even negotiate a better pay package.
With increase in disposable income, access to information, improved financial literacy and introduction of several innovative financial products and services, there is a bounty of job opportunities in the BFSI segment composing of banks and financial services companies. Prospective investors in financial instruments have been moving from standalone purchase of financial products to financial plan based investments which can lead to enormous advisory opportunities.
To meet such opportunities, the challenge is to prepare students to meet the demand of hiring and such candidates should be equipped to be industry-ready with required skill sets instead of being just educated. E-CAP is a sincere endeavor to bridge the gap between BFSI industry requirement and skilled students.

Duration of the course:
Weekday (9 Months)
Weekend (12 Months)

E-Cap Mission
  • To exclusively cater to the BFSI segment by offering skilled and employable candidates
  • To bridge the gap between employment and employability
  • To integrate students with the BFSI industry requirements
  • To develop and create candidates that are industry ready
  • To instill advisory and management skills
  • To foster ethical qualities with a combination of energy, talent and skill sets to meet the best of the industry standards
  • To enrich the quality of prospective customers/investors who receive the services of E-CAP qualified candidates




    • Financial Accounting (Applicable for specialisation no. 2)
    • Financial Management (Applicable for specialisation no. 2)
    • Quantitative Techniques
    • MS Office


    • Financial System
    • Primary Markets
    • Secondary Markets

    SPECIALIZATION SUBJECTS (Choose any one specialization)

    • Technical Analysis, Derivatives Strategies
    • Mutual Funds, Financial Planning & Wealth Management


    • Presentation, Communication, Crisis Management, Customer Relationship Management, Career Management

    NSE / NISM Modules
    Three relevant modules per specialization


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