Women and Stock Market

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They are assertive, confident, have immense inner strength and are emotionally intelligent. Yes today’s women are all of these, and more. With these traits, they have straddled many domains and balanced them with ease. Amidst all the cultural, social and economic shifts that have taken place, women have managed to thrive in their professional and personal lives.

There is one lovely quote that succinctly captures the strength and tenacity of a woman. “ A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water” It is truly wonderful to see how women come up trumps in any tough situation they may have to face.

Winning on many fronts:
Close knit family, career success, and noteworthy achievements in different arenas of life…that is the story of today’s woman. They constitute a major part of workforce in the world today. As increasing number of women climb the career ladder and don the leadership mantle, financial literacy takes center stage. Women need financial literacy and skills to manage their personal and household finances Armed with strong financial knowledge, particularly budgeting, and financial planning, women can walk the path of financial decision making, firmly and courageously. Enhancement of financial literacy would help improve the financial wellbeing of the entire family. This is one of the best journeys for women to experience and empower themselves.

How women view money?
Money is unquestionably a great confidence booster for many women. More importantly, what makes women feel in charge of their futures is, saving and investing money for their financial goals. This satisfaction of saving and investment increases manifold, as it is linked to the well being of their family.
Women are good at saving, but when it comes to investing in Capital markets, how do they rate themselves?
Are they confident and well equipped with skills to fortify their financial future through investments?

Women’s skills and strengths for stock market investing:

1. They plan with a purpose: Women plan, think holistically and hold long term views with their investments, buying and holding stocks for compounding, rather than engaging in trading for short term gains/losses. Thus, they bring in a new mind set to investing .They focus on saving for the life goals, and retirement plans, than attempting to outsmart the market.

2. Women are emotionally intelligent: Investor behavior is a complex discipline involving decision making, and problem solving. Women being more emotionally intelligent are capable of taking more mature and prudent decisions. They are calmer, cautious and disciplined in their decisions, and ignore the market noise to maintain their conviction.

3. The power of perception: Women being naturally inquisitive, do a lot of research to understand different strategies. They also use their power of perception to draw smarter conclusions about investments.

4. Education spurs action: According to a study, women’s education program can be a catalyst in their successful investment decisions. They are more willing to learn and approach planning and investment with more enthusiasm and commitment. Women may begin with less confidence, but with the right education and time, become seasoned investors.

5. The power of patience: Women are very patient, especially in a tumultuous market, with smart planning .They do not panic and lose patience. This helps them to avoid selling at bad times.

The Female stars of the stock markets:

We have many women who have made great strides in stock market investments.

1. Muriel Seibat who is known as first woman of Finance, and first woman to own a seat in the New York stock exchange.

2. Abby Cohen: She is a reputed investor, portfolio strategist, and financial analyst on Wall street

3 Deborah Farrington: She is the founder and the president of Star Vest Management

4. Linda Raschke: She is an American commodities and future trader, and the President of LBR group.

5. Abigail Johnson: She is an American businesswoman and CEO of Fidelity Investments.

Indian landscape:
Indian women too are selective and spend more time evaluating than taking impulsive decisions about investing in stock markets. They are strong budget keepers. This basic nature of financial planning in them is one of their greatest strengths when it comes to investing.
Their highly emotional connect with numerous aspects, and family, lends a more balanced approach to investments. Since women traditionally have more knowledge of the family’s state of affairs, they can add more perspective to investments.
How can we forget our Dolly Khanna, the lady with the Midas touch? She is one of India’s highly skilled investors and her investments are worth over Rs 200 crores, with stock holding in various companies. She has increased the confidence of other Indian women on enjoying the stock market investment journey.
With a great inspiration being there for you, and many strengths within you… dear women… are you keen on building on your knowledge and taking the plunge in stock market investing?

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