Stock Market Institute – Weekly News Letter

Posted By : Kishore B.S

Hello Friends,
We are back. The Chinese Markets are closed for a week for the Lunar Year even the Taiwan market is closed. People in the world have a word called VACATION but here it is all work and no play making us dull.
           Anyway that apart, markets have progressed well as the results of the companies for the 3rd quarter seem to be good there is a still s lot to come but the ones that have come are an indication of good times to come. Demand has picked up that is why companies are doing well and the share prices have gone up because of the good results. The Reserve Bank Of India the banker to the Government has reduced the amount of cash to be parked with the Central Bank. now banks can lend easily. More money is there for lending.  The elections are their in states of Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, manipur. The results are to be watched. Some market watchers are of the opinion that the market will not react much to the results as it has come down very badly in the past that too for a long time.
                  As share prices were dragged down to the maximum, the probability of them going down still more is not much of a possibility. But, markets are full of uncertainity so everything has to be closely watched. Selective and careful buying is required now a professional help is better. Meetings and comments are solicited.
Team SMI

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