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Posted By : Kishore B.S

Hi Friends,

The summer season has set in so is also the heat in the market or you can also call it a Tezi in the Markets.

In Europe their problem still continues. Greece is also in a big problem as they have to implement some harsh measures, which is not palatable with the current Greek population. So, there are riots breaking out in Greece. Which is not a good sign, the most humorous part is that China has agreed to bail out Greece, the thing here is a Communist Government with has no transparent mechanism is willing to bail Greece. It is against conventional wisdom of to help others only when you are in surplus, With a country like China who itself is under a deficit makes no sense trying to bail out country like Greece.

  Iran is a problem area with the new attack in Delhi and Bangkok. Still there is bright news all over the markets improving because of increase in demand and good Industrial production. Crude prices are Shooting up because of Iran.  Though,Indian Industrial production is low still markets are high because of Foreign Inflows. Mixed news is coming on the home front ie India. But, on the whole markets have risen because of the beating it had taken for a long time and valuations are good.
                   It is better to sell shares at a profit and sit on cash till the budget and the election results. But, we have to be watchful and buy stocks which are good for investing then, a mix of common sense approach, Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis is required, so let the experts handle the situation.
Team SMI

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