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Posted By : Kishore B.S

Hi Friends,

We are back with our weekly newsletter. Markets did come down much yesterday, maybe because of the reaction towards the spiralling prices since the past weeks. The crisis in Greece still remains a cause of concern. One good news is UK has a surplus budget which is a good fiscal management of that country.
The profits of companies are good and productivity is ok. In China manufacturing has come down. The month of March is usually bad for the Stock Markets as all the money goes for tax and tax saving instruments due to which volumes are less so are the price movement of the stocks in the market.

The results of the elections are to be announced in the first week of March and the budget to be read out on the 16th of March, they are the major cause of concerns for the market.Not much of action can be seen in the coming weeks, but a good opportunity for buying stocks which have come down from the heigher levels and hold on to it if you are a investor.

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