Stock Market Institute: Post Market Commentry (4th May 2012)

Posted By : Kishore B.S


Markets failed to spread week-end cheers to all the investors and traders, as many factors did not support it.  Like the banks moved down paved by the sentiments related to taxation and with fears of rupee going down further, FII’s major selling, Indian Government reviewing its tax treaty with Mauritius, Global markets and breaking of the major support levels at the level of 5120 all these and more led to the fall today.

With UK market opening flat in the noon there came a hope of some recovery if their markets moved positive, but the same did not do any good as UK markets also started moving negative so did the Indian markets.

Nifty charts are indicating that 5000 would be the major support and markets will hold on to it, so you can start buying the best stocks which you think are good ones to invest in.  Keep buying them in installments so that you can make a good average out of it and make hay when the sun shines (i.e. when markets shine)

Hoping the markets to perform well next week, wishing you all a happy weekend..

(Inputs: Mr. Kishore B.S, Stock Market Institute, Bangalore)


Team SMI

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