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Posted By : Kishore B.S


After almost a week of rally of nearly 400 points (BSE), Indian markets remained lack lustrous the whole day, results of Reliance which is said to be one of the heavy weight stocks of Indian Markets Index, the stock remained down for more than  1%, this was not an surprise as experts had already predicted the results to be bad.  There was huge selling seen in IT stocks and this took Nifty to the levels of 5250, however there was some recovery and markets closed at 5290.

European markets could not do much of good to Indian markets even though they opened in positive zone, even now the crisis of Greek and Spain are far from getting over.  US markets are also expected to open positive today.

The IT Major TCS is announcing it results this Monday (i.e. 23rd April 2011), TCS has always been going very good results beyond markets predictions, post todays huge selling in IT stocks it has to be waited and watched if TCS will continue to do what it has been doing all these years and will the markets be positive on Monday?

Lets wait and watch…!

(Inputs: Mr. Kishore BS, Stock Market Institute, Bangalore)


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