About SSA

SSA (Stock Market Institute, Student Ambassador) program is to create ambassadors out of students who intern will help us in our mission of spreading financial literacy.

So we at SMI will hand pick students who have the zeal and enthusiasm to learn about world of finance, who gets to be trained and mentored by veterans in world of finance at the same time they would also be visiting lot many other related industries to understand and experience how they function.

With this knowledge and learning the students would go ahead educating and training individuals who require training & knowledge to make their finances better.

The students from various colleges will be applying and there are various stages of interviews which would be to ascertain their interest and their willingness to educate or spread financial literacy, so a handful of individuals will get this opportunity to take up task at the same time they would continue to be involved with this moment in further seasons and help us in continuing the legacy.

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*Last day to fill the application is 12th January 2018

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My roles as an Ambassador will help me...

Build Entrepreneurial SkillsTest My Creativity/InnovationIdentify my Strength/SkillsGet Industry ExpertsLearn how the Stock Market works