SMI Weekly News Letter

Posted By : Kishore B.S

Dear Friends,
I am starting a news letter starting this week, the weather is chilly in my place but the markets seem to be getting a bit warmer.
Markets, seem to be doing well now with minor corrections this fortnight. Shares with good track record can be bought into and sold at  a good profit. Some shares in Fast moving consumer goods like maker of soaps, shampoos, honey are doing well. Shares of companies which manufacture four wheelers and two wheelers seem to do well.  As, even though interest rates have gone up and sales were low they have cut down production to cut inventory pile up. Which is, an advantage for these companies as demand is created. It is better to stick to debt free companies than companies which are in debt and those involved with Foreign Currency loans.
     It is a good time to invest as bad news has sunk into our minds and stocks were pulled down to very low levels. Bye for now. Comments and appointments are solicited.
Team SMI

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