Post Market Commentary – 21st June 2012

Posted By : Kishore B.S

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The markets ruled the rooster today with its dramatic roller coaster ride mixed with sentiments from both the bulls and bears in equal amount till the Noon session, which eventually was ruled by the bulls by the end of the trading session.
Though the quantum of the bull rally that sprinted the indices was largely unexpected yet the failure of the Indices to crossover the earlier high made during the week at 5180-90 levels was highly visible.
Todays rally has signalled yet again that the markets are in the firm grip of the bulls in the short term since any amount of negative news and sentiments are getting largely discounted by the markets which is holding to the 5000 levels and bouncing back with vengence, but the much awaited breakout has been alluring us from us.
Todays global backdrop too has been mixed so far failing to give the direction for the markets at large and tomorrow being the weekend could unlock the much awaited trigger and with that forethought lets call it a day….

(Inputs Mr. Hemanth .V, Faculty TA, Stock Market Institute, Bangalore)


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