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Market opened 30 points higher than yesterday’s closing. Major support seen from Banking and Financial stocks. Bank Nifty trading all time High supporting Nifty to trade above 8000. So its important for one to be very care full while buying Banking stocks for trading point of view.

For the Investors keep on investing in bits and peaces, if market corrects start accumulating good stocks.

Note: – Very important.

As we are fast approaching the Budget session in March. We have to keep in mind that Markets are expecting lot of positive things from Modi Government. And we are confident to them to deliver their best. Therefore a smart rally toward 8500 to 8800 is possible. But when would that happen is the biggest question mark.

Either Market can start Rallying from January or after a good handsome correction in market. Why correction?? this financial year market are already rallied more than 26%. We are looking another 20% upside can happen if markets corrects 10 to 15% from the current levels (8100). So be ready to face the correction. And start building your positions for Budget from now onwards.

Stocks to buy. ( very soon we Advice keep following us).


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