ENTREPRENEURS – the ones taking hold of their lives

Posted By : Kishore B.S

“You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.” It is a famous Irish quote which best defines the importance of self growth. We all are left alone at some point of time and that is the time when we need ourselves the most, our own strengths, our own energy. So why not get ourselves prepared for that faceoff and make ourselves capable of doing wonders.

Growth understands no restrictions and no rules. Many who are chained with corporate sector working as an employee, somehow bound themselves to certain height of the ladder towards growth. But at the same time, all employees have a choice to configure the road ahead themselves. All they need is a resignation letter, a pen in pocket and a brain at the right place. You must be scratching your head, thinking that am I advising you guys to get unemployed and starve to death! Well, obviously that is not what I want.
The whole idea is to make yourself quite capable to do what you always dreamt for and dreams never fall short for you to chase. Entrepreneurs. They are the ones I admired all my life. They dream like any other person out here on this mighty planet earth, but the only difference is that they try reaching for it. They keep on trying until they bring about a change. They don’t succeed because they are rock solid sure about their success, but only because they dare to fail greatly and it is the reason they earn the joy to achieve something on their own.

I will avoid quoting the example of heavy weights like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, JP Morgan and other local big guns Dhirubhai Ambani, JRD Tata, Lakshmi Mittal, Narayana Murthy. Here I will talk about other entrepreneurs in the making.

When I first stepped in Basket Options Pvt. Ltd., I came across a number of new faces who were determined to change the game as the company’s caption speaks about itself.

Probably there are no words to express one’s philosophy of life better than the choices he or she makes. Such is a person Abdul G Sait, the testimony of whose philosophy is his own appetite for innovation and success. But I will still try correlating his outlook with my puny words. Abdul, who started investing in 20th century, (doesn’t imply he is a old fellow) believed in the idea that we need to ‘make money work for us’, not the other way round. Being a 3rd semester MBA student, he showed interest to the entrepreneurial offer made by Chenraj Roychand (his Godfather). With a leap of faith and correct calculations blended with guts, Abdul built a door for opportunity to knock at his way because he thinks creating our own future is the best way to predict it. With 80 sq. feet office and Rs. 1 lakh in hand, he started his company with a Basket of services with Option(s) to choose from, naming it Basket Option. He incurred huge losses for long period of time and moreover he did not tell his father about his company at first. His father was not comfortable with it and obviously with the losses he was drawing out of it. He was asked to join his father’s business. But Abdul believed that a person is never stuck where he is unless he decides to be and his stubbornness gave him the courage to rise on his own. He had his ups and downs but he continued his journey and look at him now, he and his company manage more than 225 corporate clients, 10000 plus retail customers, trained more than 12000 students on stock markets, and are present at 4 locations, with 21 ventures, a team of 75 members, 36 entrepreneurs and 5 intrapreneurs. One thing is crystal clear from his story that whatever happens to us does not shape us, but what we do with whatever happens to us.

It is a famous saying that you cannot change what you are, only what you do. Well it came to me as more than a quote, when I met Kishore B.S., who handled collections at Reliance telecom, after attending his morning college classes. After his exams, he shifted to GE Money, in personal loans vertical. Then on February 10, 2006 he got placed in Indiabulls and on the very next day he met Abdul who helped him opening D-mat accounts and Kishore helped him making them trade. He also worked at Canarys Automation and SuperSeva for some period. Then the recession hit India and it hit Kishore even harder, who was now married and his salary got cut and didn’t tell anybody at first about the cut (on a lighter side, I am wondering if all the entrepreneurs hide something from their close ones). Then that was the period when he realized the fact that even if he was living his life in chains, he never knew that he has the key to free himself. And then he unleashed his tenacious self, he was holding inside of him for so long time. He met Abdul again, not for the purpose of trading D-mat accounts, but for trading his professional life this time. With the concept of training people, Kishore came on board at Basket Option, which led him to Stock Market Institute, in partnership with Deepak Kumar. There is no dubiety that he is a tough nut and this adamant self of his will lead him to new heights in coming future.

Among all, there is a young and vivid entrepreneur at Basket Option, named Rishab Jain, who spots his journey simple but worthwhile. He once read a small article on Tinkle digest, about few species who are abandoned immediately after their birth. It wasn’t just an article for Rishab, it was beyond GK fact too. He took it as a cautionary tale, which taught him that no one but an individual himself carries his own weight.

A BBM student from Jain College, started his career as an intern at Basket Option and now he is a Center Head at Stock Market Institute. He also started a campaign “Say no to Dad’s money,” for being independent. SEO is the success mantra for Rishab, not as it stands for search engine optimization. He spells out SEO as Speed Execution Output, being brisk and fleet footed in this competitive world, where hard work is your only friend in syncing the execution with the final output. He said, “I did so many mistakes in the beginning, but Basket Option encouraged me to do experiments and that is how I learnt the proper way to hit the bulls eye.”
I would say I am lucky enough to be working with such enthusiastic souls under the same roof. I am short of words now and don’t know what more to say, but I would like to state a quote at an ending note that “Life is what you make of it. Always has been, always will be.”

-NAVDEEP SINGH (Student, IIM- Rohtak)

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