Does only size matters? even profitibility Matters..see how..?

Posted By : Kishore B.S

Airtel may be the market leader but Idea is fairing better

Bharti Airtel Ltd’s results for the December quarter have come as a big disappointment for investors. Its shares have fallen by over 5% after the results announcement. In contrast, Idea Cellular Ltd’s shares had jumped by 11% in just two trading sessions after its results announcement.

Idea is fairing better in terms of traffic carrier through its network (its @ 114 Billion Minutes) Airtel is more than double the size of Idea and has traffic of just 219 billion minutes which shows that size does not matter its only the operations and business.

Aggressive marketing strategy or innovative marketing along with quality service is the mantra of telecom business, Idea is been adding more customers month on month compared to Airtel or even Vodafone.

Lets wait and watch the game in future months as mobile tariffs are expected to go up and it can even be a game changer…

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