Ms Finance

Posted By : Team SMI

One day, every Woman can take PRIDE in having freedom, empowerment and fulfillment that come with being financially competent. Through the pursuit of financial wisdom,  women will be inspired and encouraged to take charge of finances for themselves and for others too.

SMI taking an initiative to educate about complex financial decisions will assist in achieving their next major goal. Every informed financial decision that one makes contribute to maximum percent of the women population struggles on financial planning, A slowly recovering economy and persistent wage gap makes it imperative for women to increase their financial knowledge.

 SMI is exploring an additional step to spread “Financial Literacy” and support women’s financial empowerment. Hence, presenting “MS. Finance” an exclusive One Day Workshop for all the ladies to have a knowledge and understanding how to increase earnings and handle the resources at their disposal—including time, money and education.

Best of all, there are no complex terms to memorize or fancy mathematical formulas and calculations required. There are just few steps towards learning.


Be inclusive in your Family’s Financial Decisions
Importance for Investments
How to start your Investing journey
Types of Investments
Setting Right Expectations from Investments
Simplified Investment Ideas
Common Sense Approach to Investments
Fire Chat- Panel Discussion
And More



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