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Careers in Capital Market …treasure to be explored


Career Choices have never been so exciting and diverse as these days. We see the youth today moving towards offbeat career paths to give shape to their professional dreams and passions.

While exploring the various offbeat career paths, a thought just springs in our mind…  “How about a different career in the finance sector?”

This question definitely sparks the curiosity in many of us…

The financial services Industry in India has been enjoying a robust growth   with the asset management industry being one of the fastest growing in the world. As of November 2017, 42 asset management companies were operating in the India. At the end of March 2018, assets under management of mutual fund industry stood at Rs 21.36 lakh crore  

A window to a new  world:   

While giving a thought to careers in the finance sector which can be financially rewarding and intellectually stimulating, we come across the term Capital Market space. Sounds interesting and exciting… Isn’t it?    

Let us understand what exactly this Capital Market is all about. In simple terms,   the Capital Markets include all activities associated with the flow of financial capital between investor and borrowers.

The capital market can be divided into:

1.Primary Markets: where  new stocks are sold

2.Secondary markets: where existing securities are traded.

Career opportunities galore:

To gain an insight, positions in the capital market can be in Commercial banking, real estate and Insurance.

Right skill set:

The skills needed for career in Capital Market:

  1. Knowledge of Economics: To understand what drives economical changes.  There are various drivers of Economy like politics, inflation, deflation, risks etc
  1. Research and Analytical skills for Market analysis: These play an important role        to analyse the reasons for changes in the market
  2. Good communication skills: to persuade and convince clients and to discuss various   strategies
  3. Mathematical knowledge: As capital markets  is all about mathematics, this knowledge counts a lot.


To know more watch the video:


  1. MBA in Capital Markets from University of West of Scotland, UK with Professional Diploma in Capital Markets from Stock Market Institute, UK
  2. Certified Program in Capital Markets from Stock Market Institute

So armed with the finance degree, right certifications and strong business savvy, the youth aspiring to shape a great career in finance sector can definitely give a serious thought to the capital market space.     


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