SMI --- The Best Stock Market Training

Stock Market Institute (SMI) is Most Comprehensive Stock Market Training Institute for professionals as well as youngsters.

We’ve been training thousands of students since the inception in the year in 2011. We make our students experts in the technical analysis and fundamental analysis of shares, currencies, commodities.

Quality & Professional Training!

SMI provide superior financial and business intelligence training. Our experienced instructors include mutual fund managers, former market makers and professional traders, who deliver hands-on live-trading instruction. They impart the best financial and business intelligence training.

SMI provides you high-quality curriculum, videos and training software.

Computer software programs related to stock trading, online Internet access, application of critical thinking skills and analytical techniques are carefully incorporated to enhance the learning process.

Strategic planning sessions are another salient feature of our course. We also conduct financial training events and programs.

What You Will Achieve After Taking The Course!

Our courses will enable the participants to grab lucrative careers in the financial industry which includes Stock Market, Broking firms, Mutual Funds, Forex and Derivatives.

Or you can start your own stock Broking firm and help people buy the best stocks. Plus you can even help companies to issue stocks.