About The Bull Run (The New Board Game Launched by SMI)

Posted By : Kishore B.S


We have developed a Board Game, specially targeted for Students, which gives them brief idea about how stock markets work, reason why the prices of stocks go up or come down, how interest works, what exactly is dividend and how wealth is created. By playing this game individuals will get clarity and the same will help them in choosing their career paths in future.

Domain of finance in India is just untapped, less than 3% of Indian Population is directly or indirectly involved in stock markets, this gives remaining 97% of population a great opportunity which has to be educated, this game is initiative taken to educate the 97%.

The Board Game is created on idea to spread awareness on basic knowledge on stock markets which emphasizes the concept of Trade in Stock markets, Shares, Debentures, Dividends, Govt. bonds, Investment on right co., Fluctuation of prices, Capital gains & losses etc.

The 1-2 hours of game mainly has all those scenarios embedded into it which is similar to that of all those news and situations that crop up in world of stock markets on day to day basis. The game can be played by 2 to 5 players including one Banker, with initial capital in hand and based upon the score of dice changes the situation and scenarios as and when the player moves from one place to the other, with every other landing block having a news or a situation which may be a good one or bad one. The fortune of the players keeps changing, and the same keeps them on toes and their earning or winning positions keeps changing which is more or less similar to the situation that happens in stock markets.

To order one for your self today call Mr. Prakash on 87621 09102 or visit Flipkart or snapdeal and order one for your self.

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